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Aint This a bi***

2008-05-07 16:00:18 by krowten

Aight so like... all Submissions i gave out to now on got banned. I think the guys here really need to give Flash movies/games a chanse or atleast stop beeing so hard about first time jitters. Like they think its fun but they give it bad rating because its drawn badly or because the sound doesnot sound right.

Its like hating on FF7 Because it got bad Graphic, u feel me?

Any way i just came out wif this hilarius Series called "Product of a Boring day"
Chek it out :D its like the best flash im recently coming up with

Aint This a bi***


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2008-05-07 17:06:12

I've got 2 submissions blammed already. I feel your pain.

krowten responds:

thats hot :D


2008-05-08 16:16:37

I HAVE IDEA ABOUT YOU FEEL but im whit you guys ;)


2011-06-17 01:01:09

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